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Hey everyone, my name's Elizabeth Zaks. I started the EZFitGuide with one goal, to make people (yes, men too) fall in love with their bodies. You constantly see transformation photos being pushed and marketed to make people buy certain products, so that's why I won't add any on this page. I don't want you to buy the guide because of my transformation, I want you to buy the guide for you.

*If you still want to see my transformations, head to my Instagram: @ElizabethZaks*

Here's my story plain and simple:

Before ever stepping foot into a gym at around age 18, I set unrealistic expectations for myself to look a certain way. I would obsessively watch my diet, and constantly judged what I saw in the mirror- I really couldn't tell you how many times I would be on the verge of tears. One day, I decided to tag along with my boyfriend to the gym for fun, and since then, my life truly changed. It was a long process- this stuff doesn't happen overnight unfortunately, but the work was worth it. Each week I felt myself becoming more and more confident. I realized there was absolutely nothing wrong with the skin I'm in. In a world that is constantly telling us what's wrong with our bodies and what we need to change- I finally embraced these "flaws" and saw them as a part of me- a unique, beautiful, strong, capable me. There is no "right way" to do "fitness", our goals aren't going to be the same, and that's okay. That's the beauty of it, there are so many options available to us to find our passions within the gym. In the end, if we're working out for the sake of our health and because we love our bodies, that's all that matters.

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