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#ezfg HALL OF Inspiration

I am beyond moved and inspired reading these stories and seeing how much progress was made by these women. Not only physical progress but mental too! Hope they motivate you as much as they motivated me.

Remember, we're in this together.

Kelcie Tisher (@PostGradMotivation)

"First, thank you so much for creating such an amazing guide. I’ve never completed a guide before yours, and it motivated me to purchase EZGainz and continue to get stronger.


I lost 23 pounds before I started graduate school, but I did not do it in a healthy way. Looking back, I tried to eat 800 calories or less. I ran almost everyday and doubled up with yoga. I was so weak because I tried my hardest to get as small as possible. At my lowest weight of 103 lbs, I thought I needed to lose more and I hated how I looked. It got unhealthy, I would punish myself every time I ate something “bad”. At my lowest, physically and mentally, I would throw up any food I ate. I’d do it even at work. I couldn’t stand myself.

When I started graduate school, I was so stressed all the time. I ate all the time because I was stressed. I drank alcohol daily because of the stress, and I gained 30 pounds over a year and a half. I had scary and dark thoughts, even though I was working hard to improve myself in school. My mental state was so messed up, and I decided I needed to change. I found your channel in March of 2017. The first video I watched was “My Transformation”. After binge watching your whole channel, I learned so much about weight lifting, and how I could love my body without starving myself. I started following your advice, and started to see some changes. Yes I’ve lost weight, but I’m not obsessed with seeing the scale go down. I want to get stronger, and your guides plus the community you’ve created is so inspiring and I’m so proud to be a part of it. EZBB was just the beginning, I’m excited to see how much I change in 2018 physically and mentally. Thank you again!"

Liv Parente (@liv_parente_)

"I bought your program a few months ago & I wanted to share my story because my before & after is a bit different than everyone else's. May of 2016 I found out I needed a spinal fusion & in October of 2016 I had it, I had 2 rods & tons of screws put into my back & missed 5 months of my senior year because of it. I didn't think I would be able to ride horses or workout after the surgery anymore because I thought I'd be so stiff & I was bed bound for months which sucked but I healed really well & am now stronger than ever. I struggled with anorexia after my surgery too for about 6 months then had to drop out of high school because of the pain and depression. A little over a year later I am now eating like I should be, riding horses and showing competitively, lifting weights, modeling & trying to encourage woman who have struggled with body image. I'm in no pain & I don't let anything hold me back! You've been an inspiration to me and I'm sure sooo many other girls!"

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