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Holiday Gift Guide

the ultimate


For those who are in the same boat as I am and are too busy doing absolutely everything else to actually enjoy the holiday season to the fullest- here’s a gift guide made to help you this holiday season. Below I have listed many many items that I think make amazing gifts. Whether you’re spoiling your significant other, trying to ball on a budget or treating yourself this holiday season, this is the guide for you. I worked really hard putting the ultimate guide together for you. I hope it helps!

Love you loads!




Open links to possible gifts in other tabs and keep scrolling. You're more than likely to find more than one gift here and it's also likely that they're on the same website! That way you can make one hassle free easy purchase at the end of the list!

*some of these links are commission*



Tech Gifts:

Polaroid Camera (square): 

Polaroid Camera (mini):


Record Player: (there’s loads of different styles, and there are most likely vinyls of their current fav artist available)


AirPods: (I literally used to laugh at the thought of ever spending this much money on HEADPHONES, but then I caved and decided to treat myself, and when I tell you they’re game changing, they really are)


Ring Video Doorbell:


Alexa Echo:

Alexa Echo Dot:


Power Bank: (essential for those who travel a lot… or use their phones so much that they’re almost dead like all the time lol)


Amazon Fire Stick:


LED Strip Lights: 


Nintendo Switch:

Nintendo Switch Battery Charger Case: (perfect, since the switch doesn’t have that lengthy of a battery life)

Pokemon Sword/ Shield: (my current obsession, I have the shield just because my boyfriend has the sword version, they’re essentially the same).


Bluetooth Speakers:


Electronics That I Use (FAQ):


My Vlogging Camera:

(I’ve had three different vlogging camera’s in my time and this is the best one I’ve ever had. It doesn’t over detail your face, you can flip the screen to see yourself- the only downfall is that the battery life isn’t that long).


Mini/ Traveling Tripod that I use: (perfect for filming in the gym, discrete)


Tripod I use for sit-down/ talking videos:


Studio Lighting I used in the very beginning: (when I got my new studio lights, I used these as fun lamps in my bedroom)


Studio Lighting I use now: (you can control the warmth with these lights)


Gifts For Him:


Self Help Guide:


Luxury Shaving Kit:


Nixon Watch:


Smart Watch (85% less than an Apple Watch, for extra $ off, use code: ELIZ15 at checkout, I don’t get commission) :


Cash Cannon: (fun gag gift)


Wooden Beer Caddy:


Growler/ Pressurized Beer Mini Keg System:


RTIC Tumbler: (as good as a YETI tumbler but way cheaper)


Gymshark Activewear:


Home/ Kitchen Gifts:


Cold Brew Iced Coffee Maker:


Snoop Dog Cookbook:


Fun cocktail book:


Charcuterie Board:


Kitchen Aid Mixer:




Oil Diffuser:

Essential Oils:


Reusable Straws:

Charcuterie Board:

Fake Plants:

(I have these in my room)

Gifts for Her:


Self Help Guide:


Lululemon Aligns:


Lululemon Dupes: 


Gymshark Activewear:


Zodiac Sign Book:


Zodiac Sign Necklace:

Zodiac Sign Candle:





Lush Sets:


Heatable Plushie:

(I love these)


Cat Lovers:


How to Talk to Your Cat About Gun Safety Book: (this one is hilarious, I got it as a gift last year lol)


Cat Butt Refrigerator Magnets:


“Drink Your Water Right Meow” Motivational Tracking Water Bottle: (perfect for those who love cats but also forget to drink water…. AKA me, I’m probably going to get this for myself)


Crapping Cats Calendar 2020: (ok.. I don’t know if this is of good use to anyone but I thought this was hilarious)


Best Cat Mom/ Dad Ever Middle Finger Mug:

(it speaks for itself lol, I love it)


A Less Aggressive Set of Cat Mugs:


Kitty Mat Heated Pet Bed: (this isn’t a gift directly for the cat lover in your life, but as a crazy cat lady myself, any gift for my cat is a gift for me.. lol I need help)


Cat Shaped Charcuterie Board:

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